About Camille

Hi all! Thanks so much for visiting EOLS. I got my start on Tumblr in 2012 when I was a college student planning on attending law school, and my blog’s popularity grew as fellow students turned to me for advice and information on applying to law school and other topics. In 2015, I started as a first year student at a New England law school, and the blog’s popularity reached over 15,000 followers. After graduating from law school in Spring of 2018, I decided to take the blog outside of the Tumblr realm, which led me to establish EOLS and its social media accounts.

As I begin to embark on my professional career, I hope to use EOLS as a way to keep all of my long-time followers updated and write to you all about law school, professional life, fashion, and anything else my heart desires.

If you have requests for blog posts or questions, please see my Contact page for information on how to contact me.


** DISCLAIMER: All information contained on this website is general information only. It does not serve as legal advice or professional advice of any kind. Before acting on any information contained on this website, you should partake in your own research. **

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